About Us

Rad-Pads provide a sustainable solution for your menstrual and incontinence needs. Our washable, reusable cloth pads and silicone menstrual cups free you from the cycle of cost and waste around the use of disposable pads and tampons. The philosophy behind Rad-Pads sanitary menstrual and incontinence products is that we should do as much as we can to leave the earth in a better state than we found it.

At Rad-Pads we seek to support and conduct business with individuals, communities and organisations that actively seek to promote that principle.
We use non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly cloth pads, products and packaging as well as sustainable work practices wherever possible.
Rad-Pads production partner, Yumaro Industries, is located on the South Coast, NSW.
Yumaro Industries is a social enterprise existing to provide employment and support for people living with disability. See more about Yumaro at www.yumaro.com.au
. When you purchase Rad-Pads you also support Yumaro.

Rad-Pads responds to our customers feedback wherever possible and as a result we also now support both men's and women's urinary incontinence needs. Our pads, including the Man-Pad, are suitable for light to moderate urinary concerns. Our range also includes cloth reusable Pants Liners pads.

At Rad-Pads we advocate a natural approach to personal care around menstruation and incontinence and avoid plastics and synthetics where possible. Our Man-Pads do include a nylon taffeta layer for some extra water-proofing.

We enjoy providing personalised product advice and enjoy hearing from you so please feel free to email or phone us p: 0416 213 210 e: info@rad-pads.com 

If you wish to purchase directly by phone or mail order please let us know.  You also make a direct deposit into the Rad-Pads account if that is more suitable to you:  just email us and we will supply the details.  


Rad-Pads cloth menstrual pads was first established in 1993 out of a concern for women’s health, economy and the environment.

Wendy Dumaresq took over the running of Rad-Pads in 2005.  Rad-Pads has benefited from much innovative product development and promotion by the previous owner, Jane Bennett.

It is through the great work of Wendy, Jane and the founding owner Rachael Gregg that Rad-Pads has developed a strong reputation for quality, comfort, reliability and economy.

Alison Worthington, the current owner since July 2016, brings to Rad-Pads a wealth of experience in sustainable living as well as a passion for environmental and social justice.