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Rad-Pads consist of an outer case, including the wings, with studs that clip together under the gusset of your underpants. The fabric on the underside of the case is cotton cord and above, worn against your body, is soft cotton jersey. You insert the Rad-Pads folded towel (made of absorbent hemp fleece) in to the case according to your absorbency needs at the time e.g. small, medium, large or for the large sized pad, an extra large insert.

For use with urinary incontinence this will give you a choice of thinner pads to thicker pads - useful for mild to moderate incontinence.

The removable towel insert allows you to tailor the pad to suit the amount of flow you are managing at the time. As Rad-Pads are made up of separate component pieces, they are easier to effectively wash and dry than all-in-one cloth pads.

PAD MEASUREMENTS :  Being individually made, the pad dimensions can vary a few millimetres - our Cotton Jersey Small, Medium & Large pads are 2205 mm long and 605 mm wide.  Thickness measurements depend on the layer of towel in each size.

Extra large pads are : 2605mm long and 700mm wide - to within a few mm.

Colour availability for cotton-jersey pads can vary according to our fabric suppliers range and are currently: bright green, navy blue, red, purple, black, coral and orange, as well as various colourful prints.  We do our best to match your colour request to what we have available and if we do not have your request in stock request then we will let you know of alternative colours to choose from.

If you wish to have a colour which is not listed in the drop down colour selection box when you order, please send us a 'contact' email and we can be in touch with you about colour choices.

PLEASE NOTE: Every woman's experience of using cloth pads, including our Rad-Pads, will be different according to their body shape, menstrual flow (or urinary incontinence flow), and their other individual circumstances. 
We do not use plastic or rubber lining on the women's Rad-Pads as this can cause health problems for some women.  All women's sanitary pads, including Rad-Pads need to be checked regularly when wearing them to ensure you do not have leakage - this is each individual woman's responsibility.  



"As I approach the final crossroads on my menstrual path I want to thank you. I have been using Rad-Pads for years and love how they slipped into my life so seamlessly to ease the hassle and discomfort I had thought 'normal'. I am now recuperating from a hysterectomy and have pulled out my colourful friends for the last time as they assist in my recovery. Thank you for a wonderful product. They have made such a positive difference to my life and I recommend them whenever the subject pops up. Thank you!" (Suzanne Hull)



Please contact us at or phone 0416 213 210 to discuss your needs if you are unsure. We will endeavour to assist you to choose the Rad-Pads to suit as closely as possible your individual needs.

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