Customer Feedback

TESTIMONIALS – What women say about  Rad-Pads, cloth menstrual, incontinence and pants liner pads.
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We are so grateful to all the women who take the time to share their experiences with Rad-Pads products. It is incredibly generous of them and gives an idea of why, in 1993, Rad-Pads started offering these wonderful alternatives to wasteful disposables.   Our customers words tell much more beautifully than I can how beneficial it is to 'go natural' with your menstrual and urinary incontinence needs.  
It is amazing how such a simple (yet not easy to make!) natural product can change lives. 

"...I wish someone had introduced me to reusable cloth pads 30 years ago. I suffered with very long and extremely heavy bleeding for over twenty years with severe endometriosis and am sure that the toxins from the thousands of disposable pads I have used over the years have contributed to my health issues.

For the past few years I have used only organic disposable pads, but went looking for an alternative when these also were causing me irritation.

Admittedly at first I was a bit sceptical but after using rad pads for 4 of the last 5 months I am so surprised and relieved at how wonderful they are. Here are some of the benefits I have experienced:

Easy to clean.

Very comfortable to wear.

Not bulky or crackly like plastic.

They breathe and don't make you hot.

They are more absorbent than any disposable.

Virtually no leaking, the pad absorbs the fluid where it is rather than running or overflowing.

You can check how many layers fluid has gone through to judge if you need to change. 

No irritated skin.

No smell.

The length and heaviness of my bleeding has reduced.

The severity of my cramps during bleeding has reduce.

The quantity and size of clotting has reduced.

I chose to try Rad-Pads over other reusable cloth pads as they have a range in organic hemp and cotton and  I liked the idea of the cover and towel insert coming apart for cleaning and drying. I can see the whole pad is clean and therefor hygienic. I simply rinse my pads out with cold running water and then put them in a soaking bucket with Herbon prewash stain remover. At the end of my period the pads are all stain free and then I just wash them in the washing machine with Herbon laundry liquid. Herbon are all natural, all Australian cleaning products.

Thank you Wendy and Rad pads for this awesome product. All women should know about Rad-Pads and have the choice of a more comfortable, healthier and environmentally friendly way of dealing with their period every month."  Kellie


"I feel very liberated wearing Rad-Pads. I find wearing cloth pads adds to the calming, slowing down and relaxing process of menstruation. I love them! Hanging them up on my washing line gives me a buzz too! Like a kind of a statement. When my women friends start talking about what brands they use I am proud to stand up and say "Rad-Pads-healthy for me, for womankind and for the environment". I am so relieved not to be using bleach-drenched tampons any more and love the fact that my Rad-Pads are washed, dry and folded in my drawer ready for my next period." Kate


"On a warm February night while attending 'The Sacred Woman Workshop' Robyn began speaking about the menstrual cycle. The way she spoke, the cycle sounded so beautiful and sacred, I thought: 'No way! It ís day 20 of bleeding, I feel horrible and I can’t relate to this.’  Robyn then mentioned Rad-Pads and automatically I visualised those disgusting white rags my mother used when I was a child. I thought she must have been joking. That night I left the workshop feeling a little sceptical and cynical. The following week or so my menstrual cycle wasn’t improving, I didn’t like the medical advice I was getting and Rad-Pads kept creeping in there.  I made a decision that changed my life; still hesitating a little I bought some Rad-Pads and, yes, I was surprised, they are so gorgeous, rich red inserts with colourful covers.  I began using them, diarising my cycle, watching the moon and my menstruation became a quiet reflecting time: a ritual, not a curse any longer. My periods are regular and only last 4 days - I feel normal again.  Rad-Pads are comfortable to wear, keep you dry, make me feel feminine, sensual, sexy, natural, lush, free, bright, great and powerful. I am saving money and best of all I am doing my bit for mother nature. No longer am I harming the environment or myself.  I recommend Rad-Pads to every female and thank Robyn for introducing them to me and making my menstruation a pleasant and beautiful experience." Clemmie


"Thank you, Rad-Pads are all you say they are and I’m very glad I’ve discovered them."  Laurel

"Thanks for a great product, what a brilliant idea!" Bev


"I am just writing to tell you what a wonderful RE-invention you have devised. I have been using Rad-Pads for over a year now, on the advice of a naturopath. I had horrific pain at the start of my period and for the first two days, and this has been the case for about 10 years, although it had become progressively worse. After using ONLY Rad-Pads for 9 months, I was completely free of that uterus twisting pain that I thought I had to live with! NO MORE TAMPONS FOR ME EVER!" Ann


"Thank you for a wonderful, user-friendly product that makes a girl feel great about herself." Lisa


"Just received my first set of Rad-Pads as a gift from a very sweet friend. I love them and think they’re the best idea since sliced bread (or whatever)." Carly


"At first I used Rad-Pads just at night, or at home, now I use them exclusively. As I became in touch with my earthy woman I realised I don’t want to do much when I’m in my moon-time. I’ve organised my life around these needs and needless to say I now experience a joy-filled, complication free, intuitive bleeding time. I made myself a little moon bag to put my Rad-Pads in, and I love getting it out and caring for my special items. The menstrual blood goes on the herbs, and the washed pads flutter on the line with pride." Caroline


"I absolutely love the bright colour combinations and perfect shaping of your pads. They are just the right size and I find them as discrete as a commercial ultra-thin, which I am pleased to no longer have to use because of itchiness and discomfort after use (amongst many other reasons). I never have any accidents with them, as they absorb wonderfully and don’t bunch up, and they also wash-up really well. They are extremely comfortably, even on hot summer days, and fold into a neat clean bundle when used.  I love being able to glide past the ladies section in the supermarket -they won't take long to pay for themselves!" Mindy (17)


"I would like to let you know how happy I am to be using your Rad-pads. They are made well, work efficiently and are comfortable and fun to wear, with a variety of colours! Also it’s great to be helping the environment by not having to buy other synthetic pads and tampons." Kaye


"I am just delighted with the quality, the service and the beautiful presentation of your innovative product. It makes you feel really good about the earth and about yourself when you can use a reusable product such as this. I have a warm fuzzy feeling run through me when I happily unpeg my rads as they are still warm with the suns rays and ready to reuse." Tania C.