For Incontinence

Rad-Pads proudly offer you resilient products for women's (mild to moderate) and men's (mild) incontinence, which are extremely economical.

Reusable pads minimise the cost to you and the environment compared to repeat purchases and disposal of single-use disposable pads.

 Your Rad-Pads will last for many years if cared for appropriately and will simply become part of your underwear drawer contents. Our pads can be hand or machine washed. 

We trust that with Rad-Pads cloth pads you will discover a way of managing incontinence that is:

  • comfortable

  • cost-effective and

  • convenient – never run out of incontinence pads again!

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Pads for Women: For many years women have been using Rad-Pads cloth pads for mild to moderate urinary incontinence. The feedback we have from women is that the pads are popular and very discreet for mild to moderate leakage of urine.  For example if you are going out and not very confident of finding a toilet in time and develop some leakage, or if you just want to have that extra bit of confidence no matter where you are.  For those using Rad-Pads for incontinence we recommend the hemp fleece pads as they are more absorbent than our cotton jersey pads. Please visit the Rad-Pads shopping pages to place your order: 

The regular pads used in the daytime suit light, 'mild', urinary leakage only. Rad-pads for women DO NOT have plastic or rubber backing, as this can cause skin problems/sensitivities for some women. For this reason we do not recommend them for more than light day time leakage.

The Night Pad, with 8 layers of hemp fleece, and much longer than a standard Rad-Pad, is more suitable for moderate amounts urinary incontinence, or possibly a heavier flow depending on the person.We recommend the Night Pad for slightly more leakage. For the woman who feels that she needs some additional support the Night Pad, with 8 luxurious layers of hemp fleece, may be suitable.  The Hemp fleece is more absorbent than cotton-only fabrics and the Night Pad is quite a few centimetres longer than the regular sized pads, so perfect for night times or if you are less ambulatory and confined to a chair or wheelchair.

Sizing: The small, medium and large pads are all one length, with the towel insert being a double fold for small, triple fold for medium and a quadruple fold for large. 

The extra large pad is several centimetres longer than the other pads and has a quadruple fold towel insert. Our Wing Liners can also be placed inside the Rad-Pads case along with the towel insert to give another layer of protection.

Neither the day time pads or the Night Pad are recommended for more severe urinary incontinence - we recommend them only for mild to medium incontinence.  

For the cost of several pads, you may find that you have a comfortable, cost-effective way of managing urinary incontinence. In addition, our feedback is that many women prefer these cloth pads as it helps to minimise and even stop the awful itching and skin problems which some women suffer when they use disposables. If you have a urinary incontinence concern, you may like to try a few different sizes to see which suits you best. If you have a night time or ambulatory problem, we suggest you try the Night Pad.

Pads for Men:

The Rad-Pads ‘Man-Pad’  is a cloth, washable pad and is best suited to men who have mild urinary leakage such as the drip experienced by some men with prostate conditions.

It is made of 100% cotton jersey outer, a hemp fleece towel inner with a thin layer of nylon taffeta backing, and hemp fleece on the side to be worn against the body.

We are currently in the process of developing and testing another Man-Pad which would suit a slightly more copious flow.  At this stage the original Man-Pad is not 'waterproof'; it is more 'shower proof' and does not suit a more copious leakage than a drip leakage. 

“…I have been using Women’s overnight pads  (for  mild male incontinence) for years up until I started looking for other options and found the Man-Pads. A better option than any other alternative to-date “ I.K. - Australia.

Our primary goals with the Man-Pad are to provide an option which is extremely economical in the longer term (compared to repeat purchasing of disposables), washable and re-usable, durable, convenient and comfortable.  

 The Man-Pad is designed to sit in the gusset of the modern firm fit trunks and/or snug fitting boxer shorts - a firm fit with these is a must - firm but not tight!

We welcome feedback from men using this product as we do our best to design the products around your needs. 

How to use your Man-Pads:  Place the Man-Pad tag side down on the gusset of your underpants, with the broader part of the pad towards the front.   As there are no fasteners you are able to move the pad to wherever you feel it is the most appropriate.  Change to fresh pad when necessary.

If you wish, you can have more than one pad inserted for greater protection.

Care of your Man-Pads:  The Man-Pad can be washed in the same manner as underpants and dried on the clothes line or on a drying rack – you may find it beneficial to add a few drops of tea-tree or eucalyptus oil to the final rinse.  Hand washing of undergarments often results in longer life of the products. This applies to all Rad-Pads products.

Drying: We do NOT recommend drying in a clothes dryer.   The pads are light and dry quite quickly in mild to warmer weather or in an indoor heated environment.

How many will I need?  The number of pads you'll need is determined by how often you want to use them as well as change them, the severity of the urinary incontinence and your ability to have these washed and dried quickly enough for repeat use.  You may like to start with 2 – 3 pads.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions:  p: 0416 213 210, email:

We are more than happy to talk on the phone assist you to determine which pads would be suit your situation. We would also appreciate your ideas on how we can assist seniors to save $$$ by using Rad-Pads.

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