Pants Liner

The 'Pants Liner' is the case of the Rad-Pad without inserts and is available in either coloured cotton or the hemp/organic cotton jersey fabrics. Photo at left shows a coloured cotton pants liner.

No more using those 'band aid' like disposables. These washable, reusable pants liners are better for the earth, your health and your finances.

Women and girls from all ages can benefit from using the pants liner for everyday freshness. Help us shorten the 'disposables' aisle in the supermarkets!

Coloured cotton Pants liners $12.20 plus postage, Hemp Fleece with organic cotton (natural colour only) $15.90 plus postage.

Payment Types accepted: Credit Card (through PayPal) and PayPal directly.

Our price: AUD 12.20
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Hemp Fleece Night Pad Cotton Jersey Singles
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