Product Information

Use and care for your Rad-Pads cloth menstrual, incontinence and pants liner pads.

** Please wash your new Rad-Pads before use **

When you receive your new pads, they will be assembled with the folded towel insert inside the outer case. Observe how the towel is folded and the placement of the Rad-Pads label – these are placed to guide you when reassembling the pads.

View a demonstration of folding and assembling Rad-Pads here:


To assemble your pad, simply fold the towel/insert, aligning the fold lines with the long edge of the label. Line up the Rad-Pads labels on

both the towel and the case and tuck the towel in to the case.

Place the pad with the label against the gusset of your underwear, clip the snap fastener closed around the gusset and you are ready to go.

We recommend that Rad-Pads users wear high quality, firm-fitting underpants to hold their Rad-Pads in place comfortably.

Care of your Rad-Pads.

  • Separate the outer case and hemp fleece (towel) insert ready for washing.

  • Soak in cold water to release the stain.

Rinse method: simply rinse your Rad-Pad out straight after changing your pad. Use cold or luke warm water and soap and rub briskly to release stain.

Soak methodsoak Rad-Pads in cold water overnight or for several hours  then hand or GENTLE machine wash.  Rad-Pads advises against soaking for more than 24 hours in order to prolong the life of your pads.   If there is staining, you may like to apply a good quality soap  and rub briskly to remove stain before washing in your preferred (hopefully biodegradable!) detergent. 

A few drops of tea-tree, lavender or eucalyptus oil in your rinse water helps to cleanse and freshen your pads if you wish. 

Drying: the pads dry quickly outside in the sun in mild to warm/hot weather. Sunshine is nature’s best sanitiser and bleach when drying your pads. Cold and inclement weather sees them become very decorative around the fire/heater.

We advise against using a clothes drier but if you feel it is necessary  please use only the warm setting rather than hot setting.  We also advise against using the clothes drier for pads straight from the hand or machine washing process - best to let them to be at least half dry first.

Travelling/holidays/time away from home: Many women use a waterproof pouch to hold used pads until they arrive at their destination and then soak the pads overnight in cold water.  It is often possible to rinse the pads at the toilets before putting them in the pouch. We hope to offer a Rad-Pads pouch in our product range soon.

Some women find it useful to carry a watertight container large enough to fit in the required number of pads to soak in cold water.  The pads can then be placed in the container with some cold water and will already have gone through the ‘soak’ method by the time you reach your destination.