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All Rad-Pads towel inserts are now made from super-soft and absorbent hemp fleece, a blend of hemp and cotton. 

 Shop here for our full range of cloth, reusable pads for menstruation or incontinence.

You can view a demonstration of how to fold and assemble our cloth reusable pads here: https://youtu.be/Cv8YWoZyQtA


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Cotton Jersey Cycle Pack

The Cotton-Jersey ‘Cycle’ pack is ideal for the menstruating woman or woman with mild to moderate urinary incontinence who wishes to keep a good stash of pads to meet her needs. 

You may like to add some singles of various sizes if your flow is fuller, such as the extra large singles. The ‘cycle’ starter pack takes you through your cycle - our feedback reveals that a woman with an average cycle flow will need at least 6 pads to cover her cycle. In addition some pads can be washed and dried to use again during that cycle.


See the details page for more information.

Our price: AUD 109.00
Cotton Jersey Singles

Not sure how many cloth pads you need or are you looking to expand your existing range of pads?

Buying single pads allows you to tailor your pads to suit your flow and lifestyle.

Rad-Pads consist of an outer case, including the wings, with studs that clip together under the gusset of your underpants. The fabric on the underside of the case is cotton cord and above, worn against your body, is soft cotton jersey. You insert the Rad-Pads folded towel in to the case according to your absorbency needs at the time e.g. small, medium, large or for the large sized pad, an extra large insert.


The removable towel insert (absorbent hemp fleece) allows you to tailor the pad to suit the amount of flow you are managing at the time. As Rad-Pads are made up of separate component pieces, they are easier to effectively wash and dry than all-in-one cloth pads.

See the details page for more information.

Our price: AUD 18.90
Cotton Jersey Starter Pack

Rad-Pads Cotton Starter Packs are designed to offer you a good starter range of cloth pads while you feel out what you need, according to your flow and your lifestyle, before ordering enough pads to last through a menstrual period. Starter Packs come in Light to Medium, Medium to Heavy and Heavy to Post Natal.

See the details page for more information.

Our price: AUD 75.15
Hemp Fleece Cycle Pack
The hemp fleece cycle pack is designed to help get you through a full cycle. We have calculated, as a result of feedback from many women, that you will need at least 6 pads to cover a full cycle if you can wash and dry some ready to wear again in the same cycle period.
This is an excellent commencement pack if you want to get serious about starting to cover your whole cycle.
For women with mild to moderate incontinence concerns the hemp fleece pads prove very popular due to the extra absorbency that hemp fleece offers.

For more information select the details link under the image at left.
Our price: AUD 125.00
Hemp Fleece Night Pad

After listening to feed back from women who requested we develop a thicker, longer pad just for night wear and to cover heavier bleeds, we have now released the 'Night Pad'.

This pad is made up entirely of hemp fleece - a lovely blend of hemp fibre and organic cotton. This pad is thicker, more absorbent and longer than our regular size pads and extra-large pads.

Please see the details page for more information.

Our price: AUD 32.00
Hemp Fleece Singles
These pads are made with hemp fleece which is a lovely blend of hemp fibre and organic cotton. 

For more information and to choose your pad sizes click on 'see details' under image at left.
Our price: AUD 21.60
Hemp Fleece Starter Pack

The Hemp Fleece Starter packs  contain a white terry cotton wing shield liner as well as the 4 cloth pads. These pads are made from a very soft and comfortable hemp fleece which is an almost equal mix of organic cotton and hemp fibre. They are equally popular with women's use for menstruation or for mild to medium incontinence.

For more information and to choose your Rad-Pads sizes, please go to the 'see details' link.

Our price: AUD 82.80

This washable, reusable pad best suits mild urinary incontinence for men and boys. This new product is on start up special at this price of $28 plus postage.

"I have been using women’s overnight pads for years up until I started looking for other options and found the Man-pads. A better option than any other alternative to-date..." (I.K, Australia) 

See details page for more information. 

Our price: AUD 28.00
Pants Liner
Girls and women of all ages......... Now you can keep fresh throughout the day without it costing a small fortune and without damaging the earth with disposable products by using the Rad-Pads 'Pants Liner'.
Color and cloth choices available -  see 'details' page.



Our price: AUD 12.20
Towel Inserts for Pads


Isn't it annoying when things like socks get lost in the wash? Well, sometimes Rad-Pads towel inserts also get lost in the wash.

You can now purchase the towel inserts in sizes small, medium, large and extra large in both natural coloured hemp fleece or red hemp fleece.  

See details page for more information. 

Our price: AUD 6.50
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