Use and care of your Rad-Pads



Rad-Pads are made by hand in Australia to a specific quality which we have found over the years results in extremely durable products with good quality control.

Rad-Pads can last for many years if cared for appropriately.  We often have feedback from women who have had their pads for between 5-10 years or more and are still using them.  In order to maintain your Rad-Pads cloth products for longer term use we suggest the following:

  • Separate the outer case and hemp fleece towel insert ready for washing.

  • Soak in cold water if needed to release any staining OR

  • GENTLE machine wash or wash by hand. If using a washing machine, we suggest that you put your pads in a undergarment/lingerie bag to keep the towel and case together in the wash.

  • Staining can be minimized by soaking or washing straight away and using a non-toxic cleaning product - our site will have available any suitable cleaning products when available to us. 


  • We recommend that you do not soak the pads in water for more than 24 hours – to do so may weaken the fabric and thread over a long period of time. 


  • We recommend sun drying whenever possible. Sunshine is Nature's best sanitiser.


  • We advise against using a clothes drier but if it is necessary, please use only the cool or warm settings rather than hot setting. We also advise against using the clothes drier for pads straight from the wash - best to let them to be at least half dry first.


  • View a demonstration of how to fold and assemble your Rad-Pads here:
  • Women’s Rad-Pads cloth products suit most women for menstrual use.  They are also suitable for mild to moderate urinary incontinence and as pants liners for everyday use.
  • Men’s Rad-Pads – called the ‘ManPad’ are suited to mild to moderate urinary leakage.  The ManPads contain a nylon taffeta shower-proof section as well as the cloth. 
  • Rad-Pads recommends that customers wear high quality, firm-fitting underpants to hold their Rad-Pads in place comfortably.
  • We can never guarantee that there will not be leakage with cloth pads.  As is the nature of all menstrual or incontinence products, leakage is dependent upon the users observations of their cycle or urinary condition and appropriate changing of the pads when needed. 
  • Rad-Pads do not use rubber or plastic base on our women’s products as these may cause irritation for some women.
  • You will find the cloth pads extremely comfortable and economical.  We recommend that you try several sizes of the pads to find the best size for your needs.
  • We recommend  that you contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns about any use or care of our products, at or by phone on 0416 213 210




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